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  Visit to the Historical city of Aurangabad
An educational trip was organized by the school for the students to the historical city and the tourist capital of Maharashtra “Aurangabad” from 26th December 2014 to 29th December 2014. Sixteen students escorted by two teachers went for the trip.

It was a life enriching experience for the students where they visited various historical sites like Bibi ka Maqbara, Panchakki, Ajanta and Ellora caves, famous Daulatabad fort which is a living example of the administrative and architectural tactics of our ancient kings etc. The architectural excellence and carving of Ajanta and Ellora mesmerized the children. Visit to the Lonar Crater Lake and to know about its origin was a pure learning experience about the mysteries of the universe which is beyond man's imagination.

It was an informative and entertaining trip which explained how our forefathers created wonders without disturbing the nature.
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