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Sports Activities
The School has grand multi-storey building with spacious classrooms.
All the classrooms have big windows for ventilation and natural light.
The furniture is modern, colorful and comfortable.
Huge blackboards, display boards are put in every classroom.
The school has well-equipped composite laboratory for Physics, Chemistry and Biology and Mathematics Laboratory.
The school has well equipped computer Laboratory.
The school has playground and a variety of sports equipments.
A large variety of modern teaching aids with interactive smart panels are provided.
The school is equipped with state-of-the-art play equipments and infrastructure, ensuring safety and security.
Well-stocked, spacious Library is provided.
Multi - purpose activity hall is present to carry out activities.
Transport Facility
The buses are not owned by the school and operated on contract basis and the contractor decides the route, timing, the charges and takes the safety measures. The School is only acting as a catalyst for the convenience of the parents. The staff employed by the bus transporters are not the employees of the school.

The bus charges are decided according to the distance of the pick up point from the school. The contractor is responsible for the child’s safety from pick up point to school and school to the pick up point.
The bus charges are term-wise, each term being of 6 months duration. Transport Manager has been appointed from the School side to monitor the Transport service which is running as per RTO Norms.

Efficient A Robust active PTA.
Transport Committee.
Excursions and educational trips.
Work Education (SUPW).
Constructive group interaction and project work.
Various Co-curricular activities which enhance hidden talent of the students.
Indian and western music, Indian and Western dance forms, Yoga, Karate, crafts etc.
Students are given ample opportunity in leadership training - opportunity to take port in school-level, Inter school competitions, quiz and scholarship examinations.
Sports, Music, Dance, Self-defense, Yoga, Exhibitions and other extracurricular activities promote holistic development of the students and ensure that the learning process is not exclusively academic.

Sports such as Athletics, Throw-ball, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Silambam and Indoor games are widely encouraged to promote all-round development of the students.
All Round Development
Good health is an essential part of our curriculum. And as part of our commitment to creating better global citizens, we encourage students to maintain good health. 

Yearly health camps are conducted to instruct students on the finer points of a healthy lifestyle.
Regular Health Checkups
TATA CLASS EDGE is an innovative and comprehensive educational solution from Tata Interactive Systems (TIS) is designed to help teachers deliver high quality instruction, with an effective blend of class room activities and interactive multimedia demonstrations.

Based on the multiply learning experience model-an instructional frame work developed by tata interactive system - Tata Class Edge aims to enhance student's social and thinking skills along with ensuring through understanding of curriculum content.
Tata Class Edge
Why Tata Class Edge?  
  • Offers lesson plans designed to aid effective teaching.
  • Provides effective, short duration multimedia elements that help students visualized complex concepts.
  • Offer worksheets designed to promote critical and creative thinking.
  • Enables efficient use of teacher time through interactive teacher tools.
  • Facilitates objective- linked practice and assessments.
  • Utilizes advanced technology, including interactive White board and non -obtrusive projectors
  • Updates content through cloud technology and Senseboard Smart Panels
Giving you the EDGE
  • Efficient teaching method across classes.
  • Effective use of Educational technology.
  • Streamlining of operational aspects.
  • Training for teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Innovative teaching strategies - Experiential and competency based teaching learning process
  • Access to multimedia.
  • worksheets and Quizzes.
  • Ability to generate test papers.
  • Effective utilization of time.
  • Active engagement with learning.
  • Conceptual understanding rather than rote learning.
  • Development of social and critical and analytical thinking skills
  • Application of learning to real life situations
  • Timely Feedback on child's performance and progress
  • Active involvement in their ward's growth and development
  • Constructive support to the endeavors of the school
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