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The ECO Club is a student run platform that was born out of a desire to act towards a sustainable energy facilitates the personal development of students. Our main goal is to involve, empower and inspire students to become active members of the society

The main aim of Eco Club is to create awareness among the students, the importance of protecting our environment and conserving the resources .Through various activities they learn, how important is the role of preserving the environmental resources for the future and their responsibility towards the mother earth.
Activities undertaken
Declaring our school as a no plastic zone area and encouraging the students to use paper bags.
Conducting rallies and creating awareness among the students switch OFF the fans and tube lights whenever not required.
Students were encouraged to do the audit of every month’s electricity bill of the school and plastic material (bags, bottles).
The students of classes VI-X are regularly involve in sensitizing the school students, staff and parents the importance of energy conservation. On 8th Oct. 2014 sixth to tenth standard students conducted an awareness drive in the school with the help of hoardings to generate awareness for reducing the usage of electricity inside and outside the school premises. As a result we could see that there was a tremendous fall in the meter readings floor wise. This is supported with the help of a graph and photographs. The students have been made incharge of the floor to keep a check on wastage of electricity .The students regularly take the initiative to conduct “Conserve Electricity Awareness” drive.
Our school has taken up the task to be an Eco friendly school and is a NO PLASTIC ZONE. Students from class sixth to tenth conducted an awareness drive across the school where they told everybody about the harmful effects of using plastics. Charts were displayed on each floor supporting no plastic zone. Since that day the entire school took efforts to make the school a no plastic zone. All the teachers and students have started using paper, cloth or jute bags for carrying their materials. Almost all the plastic bottles were replaced with steel bottles or Tupperware bottles. Teachers have also started using their own ceramic or steel cups for drinking tea.
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