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Pledge of a Global Citizen
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I hereby pledge to live as a Global Citizen
throughout my life from this day forward.

I will strive for a deeper understanding of the root causes of
poverty and seek innovative means to address them. 

I understand that my actions will have consequences that will have an impact on
other parts of the world as well as future generations.

I will take it upon myself to think critically about
the social and environmental consequences of my actions.

I will make purchases carefully, taking into account
the social and environmental factors of the creation
and transport of all consumer goods.

I will minimize the waste I produce and
make a positive impact on the environment.

I will build awareness about issues of social and environmental justice
in any and all communities that I am a par of.

In whatever field I find myself employed, I will do everything I can to ensure that
it adheres to the utmost standards of social and environmental consideration.

I understand that the only way to truly achieve lasting change
is to further develop a globally connected mindset
and engage those around me to foster fair, equal
and sustained partnerships with others in this world

For this reason I, as a Global Citizen, will strive to reach a deeper understanding of issues
relevant to global poverty and act with compassion, serving as an advocate

and activist for positive change in the world.
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