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Pre Primary
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“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn.”
- Maria Montessori
What a child learns in his /her early years decides his/ her future development. Early childhood education lays a strong base for lifelong learning.It is here at the Kindergartenthat a strong base is laid for a child’s learning abilities including cognitive and social development.Kindergarten provides your child with an opportunity to learn and practice the essential social, emotional, problem-solving, and study skills that he/she will use throughout his /her schooling.

Early childhood education is an essential building block of a child’s future success.

We at City Kids with a solemn dedication, strive towards establishing a solid foundation of education from which children can adapt to school systems and learn successfully.

A highly motivated team of teachers helps the children to develop primary skills that form the foundations of reading, writing, counting and social interaction.

At City Kids we follow an activity based learning programme based on dance, music, art and games which provides a variety of learning experiences that are fun and learning-oriented at the same time.

We consider it our paramount duty to instill in every child the interest for learningand increase the curiosity for his/her surroundings through exposure to the outside world.
Our focus is on helping the child to:
Learn to coordinate and cooperate with fellow students
Become more aware of their surroundings
Respect others and start understanding others feelings
Develop language skills, numeracy and reading stories
Make friends
Receptible to new concepts and ideas
Build confidence& self-esteem
Improve communication skills
Express their creativity through art, drawings,music and dance
Develop academic skills like reading, writing and counting
Develop : Gross motor skills, Fine motor skills, Cognitive skills and Language skills
Develop natural love of learning and develop curiosity
A child’s greatest power of learning is from the day they are born to 5 years of age. These years are the most formative of a child’s life. We use a unique blend of qualified teachers and support staff to care for and stimulate your child. By the time your child grows to go to
Primary school, he/she will have been taught first stage reading and writing, beginner’s English and Music and Movement. Main areas of learning are mathematical development, communication, language and literacy, knowledge and understanding of the world, creative
development, personal and social education and physical development.
To develop good physical and mental health of the children and equip them with creative and social skills.
To encourage the children to explore, ask question and experiment.
To develop child’s intellectual potential.
To stimulate their curiosity, observation and thinking abilities.
To foster self-esteem.
To develop their motor skills.
Keeping in mind the goals of Pre School, To provide structured teaching learning process that is :
* Activity Based – Promotes Co-operation and Coordination.
* Project Based – Creative skills, Observation and Application.
* Based on Play way Methods – Interesting and Interactive.
The classrooms are spacious, well lit and ventilated. Furniture is light, bright & comfortable.
PRE-PRIMARY STAGE: (3 yrs – Nursery, Junior Kinder Garten, Senior Kinder Garten)
Stress is given on communication skills and language development. Children learn to express themselves with confidence, develop self – esteem and a love for learning which provides the foundation for all future learning. A child’s Physical and Mental development is more rapid during the Pre-Primary Schooling days than any other period in life. Keeping this in mind the City International Group of Schools has developed a balanced programme and a time – table that gives enough time and opportunity for physical and mental development.
ACTIVITY TIME: where colourful paper,crayons,are offered to children which stimulates their curiosity and creativity.
MONTHLY THEME: includes a colour day where children come dressed in that particular colour with related activity.
Beat the heat and be cool with Lemonade Day
Colouring Activity / Competition
Colour Day - Blue
Special assembly for mothers day and card making
Fun with Food - Biscuit Toppings
Clay Moulding Competition
Colour Day - Green
Umbrella Making
Puppet Show
English Recitation Competition
Fun with Food - Sandwich Making
Special Assembly for Ramzan Id
Colour Day - Yellow
Special Assembly for Rakshabandhan & Rakhi Making
Flag Making
Janmashtami Celebration (Dahi Nandi)
Independence Day Celebration / Drawing competition
Special Assembly for Ganesh Chaturthi
Colour Day - Red
Special Assembly for Teacher's Day
Hindi Recitation Competition
Solo Dance Competition
Colour Day - White
Special Assembly for Gandhi Jayanti & Dassehra & Dandiya Raas
Diya Painting
Lantern Making
Hindi Story telling Competition
Diwali Party
Elocution Competition
GK Quiz Competition
Children's Day Celebration
Fancy Dress Competition
Mask Making
I Colour Day - Black
English Story telling Competition
Fashion Show Miss / Master CIS
Christmas Card Making
Christmas Celebration
Kite Making
Special Assembly for Republic Day
Fun with Food - Bhel Day
Colour Day - Orange
Art and Craft Exhibition
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