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  Academics - CBSE - Secondary
Pre Primary
Senior Secondary
Aims of Education
The Aims of Education are landscaped in the guiding principles of constitution which reflect a commitment to democracy and the values of equality, justice, freedom, concern for others' well-being, secularism, respect for human dignity and human rights.

We ensure that work-related experiences are sufficient and broad-based in terms of skills and attitudes, that they foster an understanding of socio-economic processes, and help to inculcate a mental frame that encourages working with others in a spirit of cooperation. Education in our school provides the means and opportunities to enhance the child's creative expression and the capacity for aesthetic appreciation

City International School over the last 10 years has built for itself a reputation in the field of education. The school has always believed in the overall development of the child and in doing so carved a niche for itself and has become synonymous with Academic excellence, supremacy in sports and Cultural Appreciation.

The secondary section aims to make maximum use of the available technology for innovative teaching methods, for better understanding of the students. Such options will continue to be made available to empower a the student to avail the best practices in education, on home ground. The academic session of the Middle School will have two terms i.e April to September & October to March.
The students are evaluated in mainly two areas. Scholastic & co scholastic. It is a continuous and comprehensive evaluation.
Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) refers to a system of school-based evaluation of students that covers all the aspects of students’ development. Continuous means assessing child during his/her growth and development. Comprehensive includes Scholastic and Co-Scholastic aspects
The scheme of CCE is broadly divided into 3 parts.
Part-1 Scholastic areas, which includes
  First Term : FA 1(10%) + FA II(10%) +SA I (30%) =50%
Second Term :FA 3(10%) + FA IV(10%) +SA II(30%) =50%
Total Formative Assessments (FA)= FA I+ FA II+FA III+ FA IV = 40%
Summative Assessments (SA)= SA I+SAII =60%
FA I+ FA II+FA III + FA IV includes a) Group Activity b) Individual Activity c) Pen-Paper Test
FA IV is PSA (Problem Solving Assessment) (Except FOR Hindi class IX & X)
2. Part- 2 Co-scholastic Areas which includes
  a) Life Skills (2A)
b) Work Education (2B)
c) Visual and Performing Arts (2C)
d) Attidudes and Values (2D)
Life Skills include:
Thinking Skills
  Self Awareness
Problem Solving
Decision Making
Critical Thinking
Creative Thinking
Social Skills
  Interpersonal relationships
Effective communication
Emotional Skills
  Managing emotions
Dealing with stress
Part-3 Co-Scholastic Activities which includes
  a) (3A) Literary and Creative Skills,ScientificSkills,Information and Communication Technology(ICT), Organisational and Leadership Skills (Clubs)
b) (2B) Health and Physical Education
New Session Begins
House Meeting (CCA)
Essay Writing Competition
Collage Making(Activity)
Drawing Activity (Still life)
Spellathon Round -1 (Spell Bee Competition)
Round 2 (spell bee competition)
Dance Competition(Solo)
Rangoli Competition
Quiz Competition (Braingym)
Independence Day Celebration
Debate Competition
Salad Decoration Competition
Musical Melody (Solo Singing Competition)
Teachers Day Celebration
Being Innovative (Best out of Waste(Activity)
Declamation Competition
Yuva kavi Sammelan (Hindi poetry recitation competition)
Elocution Competition
Card Making (Activity)
Flower Decoration Competition
Republic Day Celebration
Art & Craft And Science Exhibition
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