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Preethika M:
I have read essay on Eminent Personality Issac Newton on our school website. We feel really very proud of his contribution in the field of science. His invention a gravitational force helped the entire world. The complete essay can be read on the following website.  http://www.ciswanowrie.org/essays.html
Saylee Shelar:
I read the essay about Newton mentioned in the link given by you. Hats off to his contribution to the world. I also enjoyed the essay on William Shakespeare: the father of literature and i would love to know about him and his contribution in English Literature globally.
Arnav Amate:
Well said Preethika and Saylee, I also agree with you both. It is a motivation for me to read more about the world known eminent personalities.
Preethika M:
Thanks Arnav and Saylee for taking out time to read about world famous personalities. I suggest you should also read the essay about Winston Churchill which i present in the link mentioned above.
Swaroop Ghule:
 I have read all the essays mentioned in the above link. I must say they have proved to be a great source of inspiration for all of us.
Samyak Bansal:
The essay on Einstein Churchill in the given link was an interesting and educative one. Einstein also known as ' Man of the Millennium was one of the most brilliant minds alive. His photochemical effect and theory of relativity has revolutionize quantum physics. Simply Loved it!
Prutha Kshirsagar:
Yes essay on Einstein Churchill is amazing! Samyak have a reading of the essay on Newton? He has helped us to link all the various natural phenomena to one cause -gravity. Such a genius I'd say.
Zaki Parkar:
It was fun to read all these interesting and inspiring essays of some of the greatest men in human history in my opinion .We should look up to them and try our best to learn from their success.
Suruchi Bibikar:
I really very pleased after reading the essays given on the above link .The Churchill had all the qualities an ideal leader should have .If it was not for his determination and leadership qualities , I do’nt think England would have survived the war in the same way as it had a 100 years ago .Amazing! What an attention grabber!
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